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Company profile

   Proteus Bio Power based on the footsteps of the legendary hero, is a pioneer be applying up to date technologies as far as energy production is concerned, targeting the adaptation of new means of production with the increased environmental requirements, in combination with the lower cost and the usage of natural resources. 

    Proteus Bio Power is involved with the electricity production from alternative fuels, procurement of alternative fuels and waste heat utilization for power production. Simultaneoulsy, the company is comprised of a team of technical scientists with the purpose of finding the best solution depending on each case study.

   In co-operation with multinational firms, the company is in position of offering its services, as far as both the technology and equipment are concerned, for the energy footprint upgrade of various industrial customers whilst solving important environmental problems.


Fields of expertise

1. Energy Production from Torrefied Biomass in Industrial Level - (ORC/GASIFICATION).

2. Waste Heat Recovery for Energy Production.

3. Biomass/Torrefied Biomass Procurement and Management.

4. Petroleum Coke Procurement and Management.

5. Fly Ash Procurement and Management.

6. Turnkey Solution for reducing industrial pollutants (Desulfurization/DeNOx).

7. Wind Farm Development.


Our Vision

   The name of the company to be connected with its leadership and innovation in the energy production as well as the dynamic utilization of environmental friendly modern technologies and natural raw materials.